CovidAdvisor LLC.  Is a marketing, communication, outreach, messaging agency. Our campaigns respond with culturally competent “Call to Action” strategies, with a specific focus on the Black/African American community.  Through comfortable, layan terms we communicate, inform, educate, engage and elevate results, built on trust with a demographic that have been harmed historically and have a great distrust for the health care industry. 


Our partnership with communities, UCSF, UnitedInHealth are invaluable.  Our team is full of people who are passionate and want to help. We work to help the people by providing services with the people who need them. We connect with people. Our success in Bayview Hunters Point, Visitation Valley, Unhoused, Oakland. We have proven our success, increased testing, contact tracing restored trust, in communities that are in the most need.

District 10 Covid19 Initiative


 As an award-winning Director and Producer. Kevin created CovidAdvisor LLC.   to tell captivating stories that connect with people on a human level. He has an uncanny knack to discover the truth and the narrative. He has created documentaries, feature films, commercials, public service announcements, new media content, and viral videos that are compelling, trustworthy and drive authentic, consumer engagement.

Kevin Epps


Tyler Epps

Director, Communications  and Marketing Strategist

Albert Burleson

 Director of Community Engagement and Outreach

Dr. Kim Rhoads

Medical Advisor