Community Engagement and Outreach

We create campaigns that reach out with an understanding on how best to approach, and engage locals in given areas. Community Outreach is built on keenness, and how best to seamlessly implement business goals from scheduling, planning, implementing, and engaging a target audience, with clear community objectives. We help organizations pinpoint the best fit in the community to target, build capacity and execute with successful measurable outcomes.


CovidAdvisor LLC. Have a clear, proven agenda on volume, timeline and solutions to potential challenges. CovidAdvisor LLC. Provides services in Covid19/Coronavirus information, education, testing, case investigator, contact tracing, wraparound services, and support. Distribution of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

Media Relations

Our media strategy is grounded in insights, that allow us to uniquely create breakthrough ideas.  There is no one-size-fits all approach when interacting with media. Emerging audiences across many platforms and the power of social media have transcended information in a transformative and unique way. We focus on delivering the message in the right place, at the right time, on the right platform with measurable outcomes.

With deep knowledge, understanding and experience on how to interact with Media, we create a comprehensive, unique, strategy and implementation of a sound game plan. We get the word out effectively. We create clear, effective, compelling messaging that deliver successful media outcomes.

Social Media and Graphic Design

Through our service, words and pictures translate effective messaging, connect people, inspire, action, engagement and participation. Execution of an effective campaign is the core of our Social Media Consulting. Our digital marketing team of experts conduct a deep dive of your current website, social media, content, PR, website, Graphics & Design, and overall digital presence. Every market is different and has its own set of best practices. Let our Social Media team of experts assist in custom tailoring a campaign for your initiative.

Social Media Campaigns

Our social media marketing team at CovidAdvisor LLC. offers custom solutions for a specific need when it comes to social media. We raise awareness and engagement through our savvy targeting campaigns. We generate results. These are some of the following services you can expect from your dedicated social media specialist.

Email Marketing

We implement a Taylor-made, full-service email marketing campaigns that translates effectively and impactful. We devise a pinpoint strategy. Our main focus is to build interesting and engaging emails and newsletters for a successful outcome. From strategy to deployment, and everything in between, we deliver.

Video Content Creation

We pull together content and create, original, innovate, compelling stories. Lead by award-winning creators, we excite, compel and make people act.